Welcome from the Wangaratta BUG

The Wangaratta Bicycle User Group, or Wangaratta BUG, is a group of keen cyclists from across North-East Victoria who meet regularly for the enjoyment, exercise and adventure of friendly, organised recreational bicycle rides.

Wangaratta BUG believes that bicycle riding is convenient, non-polluting and healthy and should be regarded as a normal activity for people to do for everyday travel and pleasure.

The aims of the Wangaratta BUG include:

  • To plan and actively participate in a range of organised bicycle rides.
  • To provide a forum for cyclists to meet and discuss cycling matters in a friendly and supportive manner.
  • To work closely with local authorities within the municipality to establish and/or improve safe cycling conditions.
  • To promote the healthy benefits of cycling throughout the region.

Wangaratta BUG invites you to participate in their friendly, recreational cycling activities. Enjoy the fun, health and well-being that regular social cycling provides.

Left to Right; Wayne, Bob, Des, John, Gerrie and Peta-Lynne enjoying a ride.